Lladró: 60 years of prestige and passion for porcelain.

Lladró is one of Spain’s great iconic firms that have conquered the world thanks to its excellence and know-how.

The firm is a world leader in the design and manufacture of exclusive pieces of art in porcelain and represents a lifestyle associated with culture and luxury.

For more than 60 years its sculptors and craftsmen have been making each piece from its only factory in the world, in Valencia, through an artisanal process that combines talent, experience and an exquisite meticulousness with ancestral techniques and a palette of their usual characteristic colors

First Lladró factory

The story of success 

Lladró is a the story of passion and success by the hand of three brothers who turned their gift with porcelain into an empire that today leads the international market.

In 1953 Juan, José and Vicente made their first creations in a Moorish oven built in their home, in Valencia. These pieces already had a special charm that aroused the interest of the public and in which one could see a clear influence of the great European manufacturers such as Meissen Sèvres or Copodimonte. Shortly after Lladró opened his first store in Valencia with which he cemented a name that would become a symbol of artisanal luxury.

In the 60s, the Spanish firm consolidated its style, unique and distinctive, featuring its long lines and its skill in handling the fragile material.

Eventually, the pieces become more complex, defying the laws of gravity and defining the pastel shades of Lladró, a hallmark of the brand.

Some years later, Lladró begins its international expansion, the firm begins to perform more ambitious works and its first limited series made by expert artists.

The great capitals of the world fell at the feet of these exquisite handcrafted pieces and Lladró built an empire “made in Spain” synonymous with sophistication and elegance.

The 80s brought new goals for the Spanish firm, greater control over porcelain, unique collections created by fantasy and their artists’ pleasure for creation and the Lladró Collectors Society, which had more than 100,000 porcelain collectors from the brand.

By the 90s, Lladró focuses on achieving excellence. They opened several boutiques in some of the most exclusive streets in the world in Tokyo, Madrid and Beverly Hills and his works received prestigious awards and were exhibited in capitals around the world.

The designs of the brand evolve with it and Lladró bets on an innovative aesthetic line, which will coexist with its classics. Thus, collections such as Aura, Movement or Humanitas are born.

A symbol of Distinction

Throughout its history, prominent personalities such as Ronald Reagan, George Bush, architect Norman Foster, Nobel prize Paul A. Samuelson, Michael Jackson and Lauren Bacall fell in love with the firm and became owners of some of its most exclusive pieces.

In 1988, the international success of the Spanish firm led to the opening of its first museum on Fifth Avenue in New York. The Lladró Museum inaugurated an exclusive space of nine floors in the world capital of museums, that fell in love with the excellence of their pieces.

Lladró Museum. Fifth avenue. NYC

A few years later, the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg, considered a world reference, hosted an exhibition of Lladró sculptures of which the pieces XVII century carriage and Don Quixote would become part of the permanent collection of the museum.

In just ten years, Lladró received three Prince of Asturias Awards, in recognition of his professional career: awards for Internationalization, Competitiveness and Renowned Brand Management.

Looking to the future

Lladró begins a new stage maintaining its origins but with a look towards the future.

The empire of porcelain is placed as an international reference for a lifestyle, adding to its valued porcelain sculptures pieces of jewelry, lighting and exclusive accessories for the home.

A firm with more than 60 years of history that represents with each of its pieces the exclusivity and luxury of the XXI century.

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